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Reddoor agency product:

"Privacy paw"

Secure yours and your family's privacy!

CAMCAP_02 copy.jpg

Product is made from durable and longlasting 3M plastic material

Product features:

"Privacy Paw" webcam cover cap - Your privacy guarantee! Majority of us already understand how vital is to secure our home and business privacy from unwanted eyes. Scam callers and other intruders can easily see directly trough your computers, laptops, phones, TV's and other household devices cameras.  



"Privacy Paw" is suitable for :

  • Laptops 

  • Smartphones

  • Tablets

  • Smart TV's

  • Other household devices with camera

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Safety & uniqueness in 1

Your company logo 

Product could be manufactured and packed with Your comapany's logo. Its the best way to take care of your clients and costumers in year 2018! Be unique.


360° rotating cap 

Easy to mount, adjust and close. As for your laptor or tablet, as well as other hosehold devices.

Created in Lithuania, patented in Europe.

This unique product was created and produced in Lithuania.

Design features are registered  European Patent Office.

Tech Solutions Illustration


For detailed information regarding pricing and delivery time please contact : 

Viktoras Smertjevas

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